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OW to collaborate with Fifth Sense

We are really excited to officially announce our collaboration with Fifth Sense, the UK’s leading charity for people affected by smell and taste disorders. Working together to advance knowledge across our shared interests – innovation in digital smell technology, research, education and the support of those with chemosensory disorders – our collaboration will see us exchange our expertise and explore new projects together, with the aim of improving the lives of people affected by smell disorders through the development of digital applications and devices.

Led by Chief Executive and founder Duncan Boak, Fifth Sense was established in 2012 as the first charity providing support and information and driving forward education and research to benefit people affected by these conditions. They are dedicated in their vision to transform society’s understanding of the importance of the senses of smell and taste, and, through doing so, transform the lives of those affected by smell and taste disorders.

“I am thrilled to begin our formal collaboration with Fifth Sense” said our CEO and Co-Founder Emanuela Maggioni, “Their incredible work is already making a tangible difference in supporting people affected by taste and smell disorders – by making our technology available for collaboration, we cannot wait to further improve the quality of those people’s lives.”

You can watch our Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder Marianna Obrist’s talk at the 2021 Fifth Sense National Conference here.

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