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the wonders
of smell

Rediscovering the forgotten sense

Our sense of smell has the power to evoke long-forgotten memories, bring food to life, calm us down and enrich our lives. We create smell technologies that can be used across a range of innovative contents. For leading healthcare research to artistic and immersive experiences, our products offer a total digital command over scent and smell.

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Helping curate a breadth of experiences, you’re in control with our digital smell solutions.


Who we are

OW create digital smell technology that will transform an ecosystem dominated by sounds and vision – solutions that allow us to identify smells and their unique effects.


Our products

Our digital smell technology is realised across both software and hardware – creating a twin-system that provides full control over the power of smell.


The science

Smell is processed in a deep, central part of the brain. Growing scientific interest shows it plays a much greater role in our holistic experience than previously thought.

Latest news from OW

Keep up to date with our diverse range of projects and collaborations


SXSW Innovation Awards Winners!

OW not only collaborated on a number of projects at SXSW 2023, but scooped an Innovation Award win for Time Investigators, too...


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OW at the Parkwalk Meet The Portfolio Showcase, June 2022

Our team recently took part in Parkwalk's investor showcase...

OW Meet the Portfolio Event ii.jpg
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SmellHealth: New grant tackles loss of smell & its impact

OW were the recipient of the European Research Council’s 2020...

Screenshot 2022-05-21 at 17.10.46.png
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OW with TreeVR at the World Government Summit in Dubai

OW CEO and co-founder Emanuela Maggioni was invited to join the World...

Screenshot 2022-05-21 at 17.12.13.png
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OW to collaborate with Fifth Sense

We are really excited to officially announce our collaboration with Fifth Sense, the UK’s leading charity for people affected by smell and taste disorders...

Emanuela_Duncan_OW FS-collab_edited.jpg
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Emanuela at the 2021 Focus Live Festival, Milan

In November, our CEO and co-founder Emanuela Maggioni was at the...

Screenshot 2022-05-21 at 17.09.07.png
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The multisensory experience Fly wins a Lumiere Award 2020

Our multisensory work on the VR ‘FLY’ experience helped win the project...

Screenshot 2022-05-21 at 17.11.18.png
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